Walk Into Lolita Kingdom

When people talk about Lolita, they think of Nabokov novel. What we now call Lolita is a definition of Japanese definition of the cute girl dress style. In fact, Lolita style is not just an ordinary hobby, More is the pursuit of a better life. Put on the exquisitely crafted dress, blooming unique glamour.

Our impression of Lolita girl is always painted with delicate makeup, wear a princess dress with lace and fantasy classic color, with white Pantyhose and little leather shoes. But Lolita style has evolved into different categories over time, There are mainly Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita, Gothic Lolita and so on.

Chinese Style Flower Dress

It’s a fake two pieces design, It’s more convenient to wear. Inside is a very ladylike white shirt, embellished with a lot of lace elements, the blue little bow tie, and skirt blue photograph echo. The whole dress is gray-blue. Pink flowers ornament, let the whole skirt look more gentle. The big hem is also adorned with white lotus leaf edge, more have maiden style.

Romantic Starry Sky Dress

The dress of navy blue is like the depth of the sky, scattered among the stars in the world, decorate the loneliness of the night. Inside is a small black tulle fabric shirt. The overall color is darker, The overall color is darker, but it is also a very daily style, and walking in the street should belong to a more daily style.

Waves And Dragon Chinese Style Dress

The blue wave element looks very fresh and lively. Combined the cheongsam and the cloak design, the upper body looks very Chinese Style. The lower body is the design of the big hem. The blue wave color is really beautiful.

Carousel Lovely Dress

The most dreamy light purple, with the dream merry-go-round and unicorn. The clothes overall pattern is merry-go-round with clouds and unicorn, and there is a sense of dream paradise. On the hem is the transparent gauze with the wave point element.The big bowknot on the waist is very lovely.

White Gothic Dress

Gothic gloom and silence always make people think of vampires, Although the main color of this Gothic dress is not black, white is also very Gothic. The cross on the dress is the most striking feature of the Gothic. The lace on the collar, The lace on the collar, and the black bowknot with the star rivet. Make the whole dress very special. It’s very Gothic.

Embroidery Dress With A Cloak

A very nice set dress, Blue capes with lace and white fluff make winter wear warmer. The same blue coat was embellished with elaborately embroidered plum blossoms. The color of the skirt is pure white, the ornament of the plum flower makes the skirt more beautiful.

Lolita, very fantastic and full of dream feeling, makes every girl fall in love with it.

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