Recommended For Parents’ Classic Movies

The Butterfly

Lisa, 8 years old this year, single parent, likes to ask questions that all kinds of childish problems. The neighbor’s grandfather, his son has passed away, his temper is eccentric, and there are good collections of butterfly specimens, it is his fondness. One day, Lisa broke into Grandpa’s secret room and found colorful butterfly specimens. Grandpa also said that he would go to the mountain to collect a kind of butterfly called “Isabela”. Lisa was overjoyed and went to explore with her grandfather. How much she hoped to follow Grandpa to see the butterflies flying in the sky. Along the way, Lisa added a lot of trouble to Grandpa, because she had many questions, and she also frees the butterfly that Grandpa had collected. Lisa fell into a cave, and Grandpa was in a hurry and found a lifeguard. The friendship and family love of the two are integrated into the beautiful nature.

The Young and Prodigious Spivet

Juvenile T.S. Born on a remote ranch in Montana, he has a clever brain, loves cartography and scientific illustrations, and invented perpetual motion machines when he was only ten years old. His father is an avid cowboy fan, collecting everything about the cowboy in the west; the mother is a biology doctor, devoted to insect research; and the older sister is the most common normal person, she is often Worried because she born in this home about are all eccentric people. T.S. originally had a fraternal twin brother, Layton, who died in an accident last year. On this day, T.S. received a call from Smithson College, informing him that he was awarded the World Science Awards Baird Award and invited him to speak in Washington. So, the ten-year-old scientific genius T.S. sneaked up the freight train and embarked on a strange trip through the United States alone.


Girl Joey was abducted by a man named “Old Nick” and was then imprisoned in the shack of his house backyard for seven years. During this time she was raped and gave birth to her son Jack. By relying on the supplies of old Nick from time to time, the mother and son are struggling to survive. Despite this, the mother did her best to create a safe and happy space for her son Jack. This small and sturdy room has become a magical little world for Jack’s life. After Jack spent his fifth birthday, the mother decided to tell him the truth, outside the small room, there is a wider world. They began to plan the escape plan, determined to escape from the room where they were imprisoned…

Fly Away Home

Amy, 13 years old, lost her mother in a traffic accident and had to be sent to her father who had been separated from her mother for many years. Father runs a farm and ponders all sorts of strange inventions all day long. In the face of the already grown up Amy inevitably did not know what to do, and at first, two people are unfamiliar and estrangement. Amy packed up the pain of losing her mother and worked hard to adapt to farm life. One day in a bush found a nest of abandoned wild goose eggs, she carefully took them home, and successfully hatched a nest of a small wild goose. However, because the government’s provision said the wild goose cannot be domesticated, Amy must make these wild goose return to nature. Father came up with a wonderful idea to help Amy, and made a glider for her and let her fly with the wild goose. Then in the migratory season, all the way to escort “Wild Goose Mother” Amy led the little wild goose to fly to Lake Ontario. In the process, the hearts of the father and daughters began to be tightly connected…

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