High Score Classic Animated Films


The little mouse Remy has an unparalleled talent in the sense of smell, and does not want to live with the garbage heap, and dreams of becoming a five-star chef. By chance, he met Linguini, an apprentice at Gust’s restaurant. This unfortunate apprentice was shy and had no talent for cooking. He was being bullied by the restaurant chef and was about to be fired. One person and one mouse formed a strange alliance: Remy dedicated his creative brain. It operations Linguini front desk “perform”. With the help of Remy, Linguini not only became a new “genius chef”, but also won the love of a beautiful colleague, but also defeated the chef’s conspiracy and became the legal heir of the Gust restaurant. The sudden success made Linguini somewhat overwhelmed and wanted to get rid of his puppet identity and drive Remy out of the kitchen. The success of the Gust restaurant has caught the attention of the rigorous food critic Cologne, preparing for a taste of Linguini’s craftsmanship and re-rating the star rating for the restaurant. The former chef who was not willing to fail was eager to find the secret of Linguini’s overnight fame. Lost Remy, how should Linguini face these problems…

The Incredibles

Bob is a superhuman spy. He punishes evil-doers and encourages people to do good. He is deeply loved by neighbors in the neighborhood. Mr. “Unbelievable” is his glorious nickname. He fell in love with another Superman spy, “Elastic Superwoman,” who lived a quiet life after getting married. After 15 years, Bob has lived like an ordinary person and became a claimant of an insurance company. However, there are still times when he wants to show his ability. When he knew that there were inventors who were going to launch a plan to attack the Superman spy team and destroy humanity, Bob couldn’t stand it anymore. He wants to act again to save humanity from defending the earth. But the middle-aged Superman has been a big belly, and his struggle with the enemy is full of suspense. Bob’s wife also joined her husband in this arduous war.

Toy Story

The little host is wealthy and has a lot of toys. Among them, his favorite is the cowboy doll called Woody, Woody has thus become the “boss” in the toys. When the little master goes out, the toys of a house has their world and live their lives. One day, the little master brought back a new toy: Space war police Buzz Lightyear. Buzz Lightyear is new and novel, and the function is advanced so that the little master put it down and threaten Woody’s status. Woody do everything possible to want to drive away from Buzz. When they accidentally fell out of the room window, the neighbor’s dog was yelling, the neighbor’s child was a toy sadism, and Woody and Buzz could turn the enemies into the friends, lifting the difficulties?


In 2805, human civilization was highly developed, but the earth was no longer suitable for human habitation due to the increase in pollution and living garbage. The Earthman was forced to leave the hometown by spaceship and embark on a long and boundless journey of the universe. Before leaving, they commissioned Buynlarge’s company to clean up the earth’s garbage. The company developed a robot called WALL·E (Waste Allocation Load Lifters-Earth). These robots work hard day after day, year after year according to the procedure, but as time goes by and the harsh environment erodes, many WALL·E are damaged and stopped moving. In the end, there is only one that is still doing this seemingly endless work. After a long period of time, it began to have its own consciousness. It likes to carefully collect the good things collected and likes to watch the songs and dances hundreds of years ago after the end of the work, and a cockroach as the good friend. Until one day, a spacecraft from the universe broke its unchanging life…

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