Disaster Movies Recommendation

The Impossible

This film is based on a real event that occurred during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Maria and Henry traveled to Thailand for Christmas with their three sons. Unexpectedly, the next day at Christmas, when the happy family enjoyed a leisure time by the pool, a beastly wave of violent waves swept through. Maria, who was shocked by the prospect of the eye, was too late to respond, and unfortunately suffered from huge waves. And although Henry seized the two sons in time to escape, everything was still too late, and the ferocious water dispersed them. Maria, once stunned by huge waves, woke up and found herself floating in the sea. All the scenery that was originally around her body has been submerged under the water. She is convinced that her family all has suffered a disaster but found that her eldest son, Lucas, is floating just a few meters away from her on the sea. Maria felt a power in her heart, and she decided to try her best to leave with her eldest son Lucas…


The film was adapted based on real events. On January 15, 2009, Sully served as captain at US Airways Flight 1549. Two hours after the plane took off, it was attacked by birds, and both engines were the flameout. Sully decided to make a forced landing on the Hudson River, and 155 people survived. However, the subsequent investigation showed that he made the wrong choice and thought that he could choose to return to LaGuardia Airport. What happened inside the plane?

The Guardian

Randall was originally an outstanding member of the US Coast Guard. However, once he performed the rescue mission, not only did the mission completely fail, but he also lost the life of five teammates. Randall could not lift his spirits from then on. In order to help Randall regain his confidence, the boss sent him to the training base as an instructor. There, Randall met the confident and arrogant student swimming champion, Fish. Fish’s confident energy gave Randall the confidence to return to work. Once, Fish asked Randall how many people have been saved, and Randall told him, 22 people. Fish very lost, then asked, “Isn’t it 200?” Randall replied categorically, “I only remember that I lost many people!” Fish was completely impressed by Randall’s courage and perseverance. Master and apprentice are very cherished each other. After that, the two of them joined together in a life-and-death emergency again.


The film tells the story of a new deadly virus that swept the world in a few days. After Beth traveled back to Minneapolis from Hong Kong, she died of sudden illness. Her husband Thomas assisted Dr. Erin Mears in investigating the truth. The terrible thing is that patients with the same symptoms appear on a large scale around the world, and the virus is spreading. Conspiracy theories reporter Allen took the opportunity to spread the paradox of the government and medical institutions. Dr. Leonora Orantes was sent to Hong Kong to investigate the cause but was detained by local doctors as a hostage for the exchange of vaccines. With the efforts of Dr. Ellis Cheever and young doctor Ally Hextall, the vaccine for the treatment of the virus was finally developed and the incident was finally calmed down.

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