Lolita Clothing Recommended

When the season is changing, everyone should be preparing for the autumn and winter clothes, right?

London Diary

“London Diary” long sleeve hooded bear ears OP. Of course, the most important thing to wear is a beautiful dress. This little skirt is called London Diary. It’s a little skirt with a bit of British style, the style is sweet and lovely, and the cut style is also suitable for everyday wear.

Miss Canary

That dress has a matching KC, which is a pair of cute bear ears, but I think that there is already a pair of bear ears on the hat of the little dress, so it is unnecessary. Available in a variety of colors, it is a KC for fit collocation.

Sweetheart College

Finally, pick a pair of shoes and you can go out. This shoe is called “Sweetheart College” and are available in matte and patent leather. The former is more well-behaved, the latter is more eye-catching. The collocation of this shoe is quite versatile, in addition to Lolita, it can also be used with JK uniforms and daily costumes, high utilization.

The weather is getting colder and colder. If you have a coat, you won’t feel cold.

Chocolate Fork Spoon

First, I would like to recommend a sweet and lovely coat, called “chocolate fork-spoon”. The chocolate color looks delicious and very warm. It is actually a warm coat, too. The fabric is made of 30% wool, and the inner is plus velvet. It can also be worn in the early winter. The cutest thing is the design of the cat’s tail, which adds a cute feeling.

Winter Miss

This coat listens the name is an elegant coat. The design of the shoulders is too good to watch! Very elegant, the fabric is 95% wool, very warm.

Lantern Sleeve Shirt

Finally, I recommend to you is a shirt very personality. It is not transparent and can be collocation JSK. The elements of this shirt are quite exaggerated, such as the big collar, the fluffy lantern sleeves, only a word describe: cute! The fabric is made of thick chiffon and can be worn in autumn and winter.

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