High Score Movie Recommendation 2


Everything is triggered by a 150-ton meteorite. The meteorite hit the antenna of the opposite floor of Henry’s house. Fortunately, he was unscathed. But after this incident, his world just deviated from the real world by 91cm. Regardless of whether he opens the door and close the window and take a shower, these daily chores are a burden. He measured the exact 91cm error at home, but he was still in trouble at work. Therefore, he went to receive psychotherapy, but not only did not progress but after recalling, another 75cm vertical distance is added. Henry kept asking himself: “More, less, what is the significance of how many centimeters I have deviated from myself?” So he became more and more autistic and more and more lonely. This is 91cm away from the world. Can he cross and overcome, and eventually return to normal life?…

The Piano Tuner

Adrian is a talented pianist who has been studying piano for 15 years, but he was defeated in the coveted Bernstein piano competition, and his life fell to the bottom. After a period of adjustment, Adrian revived and became a blind piano tuner. In fact, he just brought with contact lenses, which will make others think that he is more sensitive to hearing, and thus get more sympathy and consumption, and even peep into the lives and privacy of others, he is immersed in this happiness. One day, he came to work for a family, but he did not know that there was a murder case…


On a quiet night, the young woman Emily drove to a friend’s house for a party. She had called her boyfriend while driving, but the call was suddenly interrupted, and her mobile phone screen was inexplicably cracked. This incident made Emily’s heart rise and faint because a comet was just close to the earth that night, and a legend that she heard a long time ago made her have an ominous premonition about the arrival of the comet. Later, the friends were seated, and everyone talked to each other and talked about the recent situation. Although there were many clues in the talk that were inexplicable and abnormal, however, they have all been ignored. Suddenly, the lights are gone. When the light came back, everyone found that only one family was still lit, and in the lighted house was sitting Something…

Perfect Strangers

Three pairs of partners in each marriage stage and a single male, seven people get together for dinner. The hostess proposed to decide that everyone on the night shared the content of each phone, every message, and email, so many secrets were no longer secrets, and the relationship between them began to fluctuate. Numerous scars have been uncovered in this “confession bureau”. Complex male and female emotions have made everyone into a dilemma. What is the most untouchable bottom line of marriage feelings? Is it a difficult taboo or a hidden truth? Can a lie continue after a lunar eclipse?

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