In Love With Lolita, Dreamy Girl Heart

First of all, about lolita’s style of dress, the people who know it all know that, in fact, it belongs to the daily dressing, which is called the fashion style of subculture.Although, like many Japanese anime costumes, But it’s definitely not Cosplay.Its molding is very delicate, There are enchanting characteristic modeling.

About Lolita Clothing, There are three styles that young people love. Including Chinese style, Japanese kimonos, and European palaces with costumes with strong local characteristics. People feel not only sweet and cute but also an elegant sense of ancient costumes. Today we introduce the Chinese style~

Reiki Maiden: Chinese style

The trend of Chinese style is getting hotter, It also began to develop into Lolita’s clothing. While retaining the basic elements of Lolita, many Oriental features have been added. Traditional classic disk buckle, match the cute princess dress, Show a very Reiki feeling.

The style of Chinese Lolita is very decent, just like the traditional spirit left by Chinese culture. Mixed cheongsam, exquisite embroidery, and auspicious fringe charm. So, different from other Lolita costumes.

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