Lolita Girl, Be A Little Princess

In the streets of Japan, people often see the well-dressed cute girls. They have exquisite makeup, with the cute smile, or sweet, or elegant, or handsome. When they glance back at the moment, with the shyness, It was as if the air were full of pink stars. Lolita is a kind of fashionable and unique dress sense, It shows the delicate and elegant life attitude of the girls.

As Lolita became more and more popular, more and more little princesses appeared a teenage dream. Age and experience will make you mature, But in the heart, that pink’s girl-dream, never seem to have the chance to disappear. After all, there is a Lolita in every girl’s heart.

Have you ever met a Lolita dress that makes you want to be a fairy princess again? Let’s take a look at Lolita princess temptation.

This red is as retro as undiluted paint, like the petals of a rose as full-bodied and natural. Warm and cure, not too much, show the original tension of life. Loose high waist design. There are eight velvet bind straps at the waist, all around can make the bowknot. The neckline is a square collar design, the fresh and sweet Lolita is easy to control.

As a versatile shoe, it can not only match Japanese style but also can match Chinese style. It won’t be tired to wear all day, this simple, basic shoe is the most indispensable accessory. With different shoelaces, it will also feel different.

Cake dessert chocolate printed lace dress. The dress’s hem is based on the bell-shaped dress, Sculpt uses flouncing, bowknot, bind straps, lace. Can be matched with a round collar or a bubble sleeve shirt. There is a big bowknot, the feeling is full of dreamy fairy tale color.

After Lolita shoes, how can you miss a pair of knee socks? Be sure to have this knee socks, comfortable feel. Knit heart-shaped on the pure color, It will not too monotonous. The design of the Sock mouth makes it difficult to slip off. Especially when you’re wearing Lolita dresses, if you feel your feet are cold, it’s best to pair them with a pair of knee socks.

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