Lolita Culture Series- Gothic Lolita

I’ve introduced Qi Lolita to everyone before, and I believe everyone has some understanding of Lolita. Today, I will introduce one of the three main streams- Gothic Lolita.

Gothic Lolita is now status in Lolita: the mainstream

This style is a combination of many different images, In addition, to literally girl’s cute and the gray dark decadence of the Goethe, It also aggregates the Romanism, metaphysics, mysticism, supernaturalism, strange doctrine, strange interest, the thought of the late French century, classical decadence doctrine, and so on.

Clothing is usually dark, but also has white Goth, Hair color is usually blonde or black hair or white hair. Make-up should be with a morbid white and a black eyeshadow. And also need to wear silver ornaments with special meanings, Such as the cross, the angel’s feather, the devil’s wing, the rose, the skeleton, the butterfly, the spider.

The first thing to note is that Gothic Lolita is completely different from pure Gothic. Gothic Lolita borrows only some elements of the Goth costume. The real Gothic is a Gothic Revival music wave rising in Europe and America during the period of 1960~1970, and take Gothic literature as a hobby and keep away from worldly indifferent life groups.

Secondly, those who think that the Lolita dress made of black and white fabrics must belong to the Gothic series Lolita dress is also wrong, In fact, even if the same fabric is used for making clothes, the Lolita dress from different factions will still have obvious differences in perception.

Gothic Lolita girls love to use deserve to act the role of is also the most can show the Gothic that shares a mixture of “religion” and “death” unique flavor, such as all kinds of small objects (such as black nail polish, and skull silver ornament, and cross, etc).

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