The Gothic World Also Has Love

Have you ever heard of the word “Gothic”? Broadly speaking, it is that kind of pale complexion, the clothing is mainly black and white. Most of the ornaments are roses, skeletons, and crosses etc. In Lolita of three styles is no exception, commonly known as “goth” style. Gothic Lolita is suitable for anime exhibition or outdoor scenes, not suitable for everyday wear.

Gothic Elements In The Movie

Gothic elements are also very common in movies. The dark side with paganism, death, and witchcraft and so on is the main element. In the 90s of last century, Tim Burton directed “the scissors Edward,” weaved a tell about dark, lonely, dead and painful Gothic. It was the golden age of Gothic movies.

“Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”

This movie is about a big fire destroyed the original happy family. It is also this fire that makes children and their parents two worlds apart and becomes orphans. Their parents leave a huge legacy, but it can only be used when they are in adulthood. So they need a new guardian and new home and start their journey. The journey was very hard. A distant relative, Count Olaf, was greedy insidious and at all costs to want to get the legacy. Each of the three children had their abilities and developed the fight with Count Olaf.

“The Addams Family”

When it comes to Comedy Gothic, the most famous one is “the Adams family.” Don’t look at this family wears strange things, and do strange things, but they are full of humor. The whole family treats people well but lives in their own small world. In short, mom and dad maltreat dogs, daughters and sons kill each other, very “warm”. Although the whole looks dark and strange, it’s not at all horrible. It’s a humorous black comedy. It can also make you laugh when it’s stressful and exciting time. It’s worth seeing.

“Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride”

Although it was an animated movie, it also moved me to tears. Victor, the male leading role who was about to get married, was very nervous. So he came to the forest and put the ring on the branch to practice and the branch like a finger. The zombie bride was awakened and bring the man back to the netherworld. In the netherworld, it is not same as people imagine, they sing together and dance together, very happy. The zombie bride asked to marry the man. The man had to pretend to promise and said he wanted to go home to tell his parents. In this world, the corpse bride saw the man deceive her, and eventually, they slowly resolve the contradiction. Finally, the corpse bride starts to introspection herself, and the man agrees to marry her. In the end, the bride did not let the man drink poison and marry him, and she gave freedom to the man.

Although these three films are very oppressive, the seemingly cold and cold world of black and white is intertwined with love and family affection, very warmth. I saw three children triumphing over evil, and finally smiled when they embraced together. When the Addams family reunited and returned to their castle, I smiled. I smiled when the Corpse bride turned into a butterfly at finally. It was in the Gothic world that it will be also filled with love.

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