Melancholy Lonely Temperament Gothic Movie

If you are a person who likes darkness, likes to enjoy loneliness, and looks like there is a decadent, morbid temperament person, then you must be a supporter of Gothic culture, the Gothic culture has a detached, gloomy and alternative cultural temperament. Gothic style has dark, fear, loneliness, despair and other elements. In dress, people who like Gothic culture are mainly black, black clothes, black eyeliner, black lips, black fingernails, but the face is pale. Films with Gothic qualities and styles, thanks to the unique cultural elements, make many people understand and love Gothic culture. Just like “Edward Scissorhands” is the contemporary milestone of Gothic cinema. Although there is no vampire, no witchcraft, no horror, and the curse, the same also was woven out a black Gothic film about loneliness, death, and pain. And today we recommend several Gothic films with a deep, gloomy temperament.


Although this is a film of horror and thrilling love, in fact, the movie is not scary at all. A large number of Gothic dresses in the film makes people feel visually stunning. At the same time, the love story of me and a zombie is also worth seeing.

The film tells the story of the famous vampire Dracula want to continue the love story 400 years ago. In the earliest days, Dracula, a human being, committed suicide because of his wife, he became an immortal vampire Dracula. Four hundred years later, young lawyers were ordered to go to the Dracula clan castle in the territory of Transylvania, Romania to deal with the real estate formalities of this noble descendant in London. For this reason, he will be separated from his fiancee, the beautiful Mina. The owner of Dracula castle was a count of Dracula who had been transformed into a vampire. He found that Mina and Elizabeth were strikingly similar. He believed that Mina was Lisa’s reincarnation. He decided to find Mina and find a lost true love for 400 years. Mina always hears a mysterious summoning. There is also a strong feel yearn in the fear, and Gradually with the Dracula earl to continue the love story.

“Interview With The Vampire”

18th Century Louisiana, manor Lord Louis lost wife and daughter, is hardly wished to live, meets Vampire Lestat, and is transformed into a vampire by his spell casting. Louis is unwilling to kill people to take blood, so relying on the blood of animals to feed his life. Lestat is bent on teaching Louis to be a real vampire.

In New Orleans, Louis sucks the blood of the little girl Claudia. Lestat, in spite of Louis’s opposition, turned Claudia into a vampire. Three individuals form a marvelous family. Because Claudia resented Lestat to turn her into a vampire, after she had designed and killed Lestat, she and Louis traveled around the world and lived a life that resembled both the father and the daughter and the lover, looking for the same kind of person, and also looking for the meaning of her own existence.

“The Raven”

This is a Gothic story about the reincarnation of the soul and revenge. in Baltimore, A pair of mother and daughter were brutally murdered. Local police officer Emmett investigated and discovered that the murderer’s criminal means were exactly the same as those used in the novel by Allan Poe. When Allan Poe was called to the police station to inquire, another homicide took place, the technique still refers to his novel. After learning about the murderer’s method, Emmett invited Allan Poe to serve as a consultant to help solve the case. As the case progressed further, Emmett found that Allan Poe would become the next target of for this killer. Just when everyone was doing their best to protect the safety of Allan Poe, the murderer has unexpectedly kidnapped his lover Emily. At the end, who is the real murderer, is it true that Allan Poe can use his novel to uncover this killing game?

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