What Exactly Is A Steampunk Movie?

Steampunk is a compound word consisting of steam and punk. Steam naturally represents a large-scale machine powered by steam. Punk is a non-mainstream edge culture. Steampunk works often rely on some kind of hypothetical new technology, for example, through the use of new energy, new machinery, new materials, and new means of transportation, an aerial worldview parallel to the western world of the 19th century was displayed, and efforts were made to create its hypocritical and nostalgia.

Steampunk is almost insulated from the information technology of contemporary society, creating a typical scene through fantasy: All scientific and technological achievements in the real or future information age are completely in the steam era and have the functions of the information age. Steampunk can be simply defined as Victorian style coupled with the steam-driven worldview of modern technology. Steampunk can be said to be an important type of Western fantasy culture. Despite the relatively short development time, many classic novels, films, and comic books have emerged. Take movies and animation works for example (most movie animations are actually based on novels). Steampunk works mostly have the following basic characteristics:

Create A Parallel World


This film is the most typical steampunk works. The story background was in London in 1851, In the set of characters, there are also historical figures such as George Stevenson. The experience of this father of the train is obviously richer. A large number of scenes, vehicles, and weapons appearing in the film are full of the aesthetic features of the machine in the steam era. In particular, the last appearance of Steamtown was almost the result of the highest achievements of man-made machinery in the age of condensed steam. The contradiction between science and technology and human care in the industrial society discussed in this film is also the core proposition of steampunk culture.

Coexistence Of Magic And Science

In the steampunk world, it is often backward and advanced coexistence, magic and science coexist. In the film “Howl’s Moving Castle”, there are industrial castles to reach the peak of machine aesthetics, and there are ancient witchcraft and devil contracts.

“Howl’s Moving Castle”

This film was adapted from the fantasy novel of the same name by British writer Diana Wayne Jones and is a classic work by Mr. Hayao Miyazaki. The story was set in Europe in the 19th century. Although the overall clues are different from typical steampunk works, the topics discussed are not the conflict between technological industrialization and human nature. However, the setting of the worldview and the design of props and scenes full of machine textures still make the film unique. The design of the mobile castle simply is virtually another steam city. The complex mechanical settings such as steel, chimneys, and pulleys are full of beauty.


Most steampunk works always emphasize the possibility of out-of-control science and technology. In a sense, steampunk is all anti-utopia.


“Vampires” is a vampire-themed movie directed by John Carpenter. Jack is a vampire expert. He was asked to destroy a seven-hundred-year-old vampire Valek. Jack gets the black cross. And Jack’s other teammates were also killed by Valek. Only one team member and a young priest to follow him.

Mechanical Aesthetics

“Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow”

A typical steampunk real person film brings together many Hollywood stars. The design of the movie scenery set and props have features of typical machine aesthetics in the industrial era, with stunning visual effects. The effect of the black and white film plus softening lens is also full of nostalgic atmosphere.

Nostalgic Classical

“Wild Wild West”

An entertaining movie starring Will Smith. Taking the United States after the Civil War as the background of the era, suppose that the evil forces had invented new types of technological weapons such as armored vehicles and tanks. The doctor who mastered the high technology beyond the times was set as a crazy careerist. The entire film has a large number of whimsical mechanical designs, such as giant mechanical spiders, jet bikes, self-propelled armored trains and other heavy steampunk styles.

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