Steampunk Movies Recommendation

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:

“The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” of Alan Moore was originally a comic book and was made into a live-action movie in 2004. The film brings together people who are active in some sci-fi fantasy literature in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Such as Mr. Jekyll, the invisible man, and Captain Nemo of driving a submarine, etc. Together fight against the evil forces that want to rule the world. The beginning of the film has been set, and modern weapons such as tanks have appeared at the end of the 19th century. Part of the scenery and the design of the vehicle is full of the characteristics of the era of large machine production, especially Verne Science fiction the visual effect of the famous Nautilus submarine is even more amazing.

The Invention Of Hugo Cabrit:

Adapted from the comic “Hugo Cabrit”, the film’s story background is Paris in the 1930s. Director Martin Scorsese makes full use of his imagination to give this story a surreal Steampunk color. Paris at the time was an era of the invention of the big bang. All kinds of novel machines and inventions appear one after another. The father of Hugo, the protagonist, left a mysterious note and a broken robot to Hugo. In order to fix this robot, Hugo launched a wonderful adventure in Paris. This child-oriented story and doesn’t look like Scorsese’s style. He decided to put this story on the screen, more or less surprising. In a few years, he gradually developed the idea of making a film featuring children. His daughter likes the story of Hugo Cabrit very much. The film was shot with 3D technology, and the image still retains the cool style of Scorsese.

Alita: Battle Angel:

The movie that the future Steampunk fans are most looking forward to is James Cameron’s masterpiece “Alita: Battle Angel”. In this film adapted from Japanese manga, the story of a 26th-century girl robot and ordinary human beings is presented on the big screen with cutting-edge technology. The decadent caricature of this post-industrial era is typical Steampunk themes. I believe that the Steampunk movie will appear on the big screen in a more astounding way in the future!

Laputa: Castle In The Sky:

The early classic animation of Hayao Miyazaki. The so-called steampunk concept did not appear during this period, but the worldview of Sky City, the design of the aircraft, and the overall planning of Laputa City all have a distinct steampunk shadow. So we can classify it as this type.

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