Steampunk Classic Movie

Steampunk means show a fictional worldview parallel to the Western world of the 19th century through some fictional new technologies, such as new energy, new machinery, and new materials. Steampunk means nostalgia, fiction, hypothesis, and certain “pseudo” scientific components. My favorite is Bruce Sterling’s An Interpretation of Steampunk in “The User’s Guide To Steampunk.”

“People like Steampunk for two good reasons.

First, it’s a great opportunity to dress up in a cool, weird way that baffles the straight.

Second, Steampunk set design looks great.”

Steampunk actually exists in fashion, accessories, music, installation art, and so on all the subcultures that we can think of. This article only talks about the most convenient that everyone has come into contact with: Steampunk movies.

A Trip To The Moon, Director: Georges Méliès

Back in the era when the film was just born, Director Georges Méliès began to shoot this “Epic Masterpiece” that at the time. This film is the pioneering work of science fiction movies. Inspired by the novel by Verne “From The Earth to the Moon” and the novel by H. G. Wells “First Men in the Moon.”

The total length is about 14 minutes. Describes an adventure story, a lunar travel plan presented by the Dean of the Astronomical Institute at a conference he and other five bold astronomers have produced shells and cannons and with the help of the army and they successfully landed on the moon.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Director: Rod Hardy

This film is based on the novel by Verne, filmed in 1954. It is said that at the end of the 19th century, the shipping industry rumors that there were sea monsters in various oceans, frequently attacking passing ships, and the government sent a survey ship Lincoln to investigate the adventures of sea monsters.

In fact, the sea monster is a submarine, and this submarine is commanded by Captain Nemo, sinking all the ships carrying the arms.

Sherlock Holmes, Director: Guy Ritchie

The Warner Bros. version, directed by Gary Ritchie, “Sherlock Holmes” starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. It tells the story of Holmes and Watson joint investigation of a girl serial murder and the fight between the Duke of Blackwood. The steampunk style in this film is not as throughout as “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, but a successful attempt to apply the elements of steampunk to mainstream Hollywood commercials.

This film proves that the mainstream Hollywood commercial film can focus on satisfying the audience’s requirements for large-scale entertainment, and can also try to bring the audience a little visual element diversification surprise.

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