The Origin Of Halloween

It will be annual Halloween, Halloween is on October 31st every year. You need to dress up like a ghost that night, the scarier the better. Children will be busy going door to door to be candy, but do not forget to tell the “Trick or treat”.

What is the origin of Halloween? In fact, inside the Catholic Church, Nov. 1 is All Saints Day, the next day, Nov. 2 is All Souls Day, we can say that Halloween origin.

The Catholic Church will be a saint to some believers who have super-high morality in their lifetime, In recognition of those believers and to serve as models for other believers. But because there are many believers who have extraordinary morality, no one knows it. For those who are obscured, it seems a bit unfair for the church not to confer upon him as a saint. So on the day of All Saints, So on the day of All Saints Day, commemorate all the saints who conferred upon by the church and those who should be sealed as saints but not as saints.

In fact, as early as in the centuries before the BC, the Celts (in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland) celebrated a festival called “Samhain” on October 31. Because at the end of October, the line between the living world and the dead world will become blurred, so the soul of the dead can easily enter the world of the living. On that day, everyone will wear strange costumes and march outside, hoping to scare away the ghosts outside.

As for the origin of the Pumpkin lantern, it is related to a legend in Ireland. According to legend, in ancient times, there was a person name called Jack, and drunk all day long. One day he was probably drunk again, and he actually scammed Satan to the tree. And also let Satan engraved a cross on the tree. As a result, Satan is trapped in the tree. Later, Jack talked about conditions with Satan. If Satan can guarantee that he will not go to hell after his death, he will help Satan get down from the tree, and Satan really promises. However, he did not go to hell, but he could not enter heaven, and he had to wander around in the dark world. Satan gave him a lantern made of kohlrabi, which was filled with charcoal fire, allowing him to find his way in the dark world.

As for the meaning of the word Halloween is derived from All Hallows Eve, referring to November 1 All Saints Day the night before.

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