Animation Of Hayao Miyazaki Tells Us Something

Princess Mononoke:

This is the works that Hayao Miyazaki has tried his best to do. Perfect in workmanship. The core contradiction in the film is, of course, the opposition between human civilization and nature. However, on this basis, or intertwined with it, or parallel to it, there are various contradictions, large and small. In the human side, there is a clear struggle between various forces, and in the general concept, as the natural side of the embodiment of “justice” and “harmony”, there is also a struggle between various forces or factions.

“Although our contradictions are not reconcilable, although all this cannot be avoided, “live” is the only hope.”

My Neighbor Totoro:

Let us see life, the world of adults may be really helpless. When life is not accompanied, when there is no guidance, just like the sisters in the movie, you should be brave in pursuing your own life. There are with brother and sister sentiment who don’t want to give up. Although many times are noisy, intimate times is still the brother and sister who grew up wearing a pair of pants. When I was young, I didn’t know what was ahead, but if I liked it, I should bravely chase it. It doesn’t matter if the front is there the thorn.

Many years later, whenever summer comes, I will remember the night with the Totoro. Maybe we don’t have faith, but we have a yearning in our hearts.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky:

Our loneliness is like a city floating in the sky as if it were a secret, but there is no place to tell people. A lot of things are destined, just like what kind of person you will meet, what kind of pain you experience, and finally, how to leave the world, nothing can change your destiny. The world is never gentle. Two roads slowly devour your life, and the other one makes you scarred.

This is life.

Whisper Of The Heart:

In order to be a worthy person, I will work hard to make myself better. Because of you, I want to be a better person, don’t want to be your burden, so to be hard, just to prove that I am enough to match you. No matter how hard it is, I will do it because I like you, I want to be with you all my life. I have a feeling that I seem to have known you a long time ago. Sometimes, I have been eager to see you. I saw you today, and I feel so sad.

Kiki’s Delivery Service:

From one city to another, only by hard on your own. How do you live alone? Even if it is unbearable, we can always come over. Learn to grow up, learn to bear, learn to cry, you can also smile and hug your mom and dad. Growth is a deal, we all use the innocence to exchange the courage to grow up. Pay some, get some; or get some, lose some.

I like his animation because, in his world, Don’t have to cause destruction to both sides. Everything has the best ending, even if it’s not perfect.

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