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On April 10, 1912, the luxury passenger liner Titanic, known as “the miracle of the world’s industrial history,” began its own maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York, USA. Rich girl Rose and her mother and fiance Carl took the first-class cabin. On the other hand, the bohemian juvenile painter Jack also won the ticket for the lower class cabin in a gamble at the dock. Rose was tired of the hypocritical life of the upper class and refused to marry Carl. She planned to throw herself into the sea and was rescued by Jack. Soon, the beautiful and lively Rose fell in love with the handsome and cheerful Jack. Jack took Rose to participate in the dance party of the lower class cabin and made a portrait for her. The relationship between the two gradually warmed up.

On Sunday, April 14, 1912, a calm night. The Titanic hit the iceberg. The “never sinking” Titanic faced the fate of the shipwreck. The love that Rose and Jack had just sprouted will also be tested by life and death.

Schindler’s List

In 1939, under the rule of Nazi Germany, the SS quarantined the Jews. German businessman Oskar Schindler came to Krakow under the German rule and opened an enamel factory to produce munitions. With outstanding social skills and a lot of money, Schindler and the Germans have established a good relationship. His factory employs Jews to work and make a fortune. In 1943, the Jews in Krakow suffered a terrible massacre. Schindler witnessed it and was greatly shocked. He bribed the officers and made his factory a subordinate labor camp in the concentration camp. His factory has also become a refuge for Jews. In 1944, on the eve of Germany’s defeat, Killing the Jews became more and more insane. Schindler opened a list of 1,200 people to the German military officers and bought the lives of these Jews. In those days when there is no hope, saving one people is to save the world.

The Legend of 1900

This film tells the life of a piano genius legend. In 1900, on the Virginian luxury cruise ship, an orphan was abandoned in first class and raised by the sailors on board, named “1900”. “1900” grew up slowly, showing the extraordinary piano talent without a teacher. The band played on the boat, and everyone who had heard him play was deeply moved. Jazz, the originator of the jazz, heard about the superb skills of “1900”. He specialized in boarding the boat and contesting with him. Finally, he sighed and dejected left. It is a pity that all these things happened at sea. “1900” never wanted to set foot on the land. until one day, he fell in love with a girl, and the love flowed on the piano keys. Will he set foot on the land to start a new life for love, and use his piano sound to stunning the world? How will he write his extraordinary life?

The Truman Show

Truman is a person who can’t be ordinary again. Except for some rare experiences: the first love suddenly disappeared, and the father who died in the water suddenly seems to appear again. He and the majority of American men in their 30s are no different. This made him feel lost. He also tried to leave the place where he had lived for many years, but he could not make it for various reasons. Until one day, he suddenly realized that he seemed to have been being followed, no matter where he went when what he did. This feeling is getting stronger and stronger. Truman decided to flee from this place where he lived for more than 30 years at all costs to find his first love girlfriend. But he found himself unable to escape. The truth is actually cruel…

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