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Wrestling Competition

Mahavira used to be a promising wrestler. After giving up his career, his biggest regret was that he could not win the gold medal for the country. Mahavira pinned this hope on the unborn son, who knows that his wife gave him two daughters, named Gita and Babita. What Mahavira didn’t think was that the two girls showed outstanding wrestling talents, which made him suddenly realize that even a girl could stand on the field and win honors for the country and themselves. In this way, under the guidance of Mahavira, Gita and Babita began tough training, and the two improved rapidly, and soon became a local celebrity because they won consecutively in the competition. In order to gain more opportunities, Gita entered the National Institute of Physical Education, where she will face greater temptation and more choices.

How many idealists bear the ridicule of others and move forward, And there are many people who want to see their jokes. How many people will be given up after taking a blow, and only one-tenth or one-tenth of them can be bottomed out. In this movie, he distills your blood, lets your blood rush to the brain, then the water flows out of your eyes and tells you will become such a person.

La La Land

Mia is eager to be an actor, but so far she is still just an ordinary barista in the studio cafe. Despite the constant participation in large and small auditions, Mia only failed. One day, at a party, Mia met a man named Sebastian. At first, there was a small contradiction between the two, but soon Mia was shined by Sebastian’s Talent and shined by his pure pursuit of jazz was attracted, and eventually, the two came together. Encouraged by Sebastian, Mia quit her job at the coffee shop and concentrated on writing the script for herself. At the same time, Sebastian joined a popular jazz band in order to get a steady income. He started to play modern jazz that he didn’t like, and he didn’t expect to be famous. As time goes by, the two people who strive to pursue their dreams are farther and farther away from each other. They must make choices between the idealĀ and feelings.

Returning to the original state of nature, telling a popular love story in the form of music, song, and dance, the main techniques are at their peak. In the series of different music, song and dance types (MGM, Golden Sister Fred, Grand Jazz, Jacques Demi and contemporary band, concert film) in different paragraphs of interest, both inheritance and bring out type evolution, retro Innovation, and can sublimate the theme of love, both internal and external.

Red Like the Sky

Mike became a visually impaired child because he accidentally blinded his eyes. His parents had no money to ask for tutors. They had to be sent to a special school in the church. The natural and curious teenager did not accept the fate of the arrangement but found the pleasure of recording in the mess, so he tried to record various sounds, even made a radio drama of the 15 princes and they rescue the princess from the fire dragon. Outstanding talents of Mike were repeatedly attacked by the stubborn conservative principal, but he was affirmed and protected by the teacher, and finally, the show was performed in front of all the parents. Everyone was shocked by the voices and performances in their ears… Mike relied on his own talent for sound, and eventually became the national treasure sound engineer in Italy. God closed a window of people but opened another bigger one, and the courage and persistence of Michael did not waste God’s favor for him.

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