Classic Movie Recommendation

The classic is it not to be surpassed by the latter, and it is passed on forever, called the classic. There is always a movie. It’s not enough to look at it. And have to watch the second time, the third time…

The Shawshank Redemption

In the late 1940s, the young and accomplished young banker Andy was jailed for being suspected of killing his wife and her lover. In this prison called Shawshank, hope seems to be illusory, the punishment with life imprisonment for undoubtedly was doomed to Andy’s the following desperate life. Not long after, Andy tried to get close to the prestigious Reid of the prisoners and asked the other to help him get a small hammer. Taking this as an opportunity, the two became more familiar, and Andy also seemed to find his own way of survival in prison.

He used his professional knowledge to help the prison management to evade taxes and money laundering, and at the same time, he was gradually treated with courtesy by virtue of his association with Reid. On the surface, he looks like Reid, attitude toward the high wall has changed from hatred to calm, but the desire for freedom has prompted him to move toward the hopes and goals of his heart. And the truth about its crime further seems to have pushed all of this forward.


Because of a skydiving accident, the white rich man Philippe was paralyzed and wanted to hire a full-time escort. Due to the high salary, there are a lot of candidates, and each one has a glib tongue, but can’t touch his heart. It was not until the appearance of the black Driss that he made a decision. Driss just came out of jail and shouldered the burden of the family. He only wanted to find a letter of resignation to apply for relief, and he obviously had a much greater interest in the female assistant than the job. But Philip still took a fancy to this guy. So Driss began a one-month trial period.

Although the comfortable mansion environment makes him feel vain, he still faces many challenges: not only for Philippe’s physical rehabilitation but also for him to bathe, enema, open the letter, wear stockings and so on. At first, the way of thinking and the values of the two were very different, but as the understanding deepened, they became friends…

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Hachi is a mysterious dog because no one knows where it comes from. Professor Parker picked up a lost puppy at the train station in the town. It seemed that the puppy had a certain fate with Professor Parker. Parker couldn’t put it down when he picked up the puppy. Finally, Parker love for the puppy influenced Carter, the wife who initially opposed the dog. Hachi grew up under Parker’s care. Hack will always send him to the station when Parker goes to work. Hachi will also climb at the station early after work. The loyalty of Hachi makes the town’s people more love it.

One day, Hachi performed abnormally when Parker was going to work. He played a game of pick up balls that never happened before. Hachi’s performance made Parker very satisfied, but on that day, Parker died of illness. Parker wife, daughter Andy and son-in-law Michael buried Parker with great pain, but Hachi, who was not sure, still waited at the station’s door at 5 o’clock every evening, waiting for the owner to come back…

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