Unpopular High-scoring Movie Recommend

Every year, many movies with popular reputation and popularity are born. However, there are also many movies that are considered to have limited attraction and can only be shown in limited cinemas. However, there are many good films, but they have not received more attention. Becoming unpopular, what are the good-looking unpopular movies? Here is some Recommend for everyone.

Where Am I Going?

The 38-year-old youth, Checco Zalone, realized all the dreams in his life: Living with his parents in order to avoid the expense of independent living, and to continue to interact with his girlfriend in order to avoid the responsibility of marriage and family. Hunting and fishing permits, office iron rice bowl work to avoid work risks. He has done this, his life is easy and to make people feel envy. The movie can laugh from the beginning to the end, and humor is not vulgar.

Goodbye, Berlin

The story revolves around two teenagers who are different in skin color and who are not good at communicating with others. In the face of the discomfort around them, the two men joined hands to steal the car and started a happy road trip. It was easy and interesting, spring is everywhere, Cozy and boundless. Let’s put aside the burden and go on the road together.


The Polish girl Zosia, who lives in Volhynia, fell in love with a Ukrainian boy, but her parents decided to let her marry a Polish widower. Soon after the outbreak of World War II, the situation was tense, and Zosia, who was in the midst of war, must do his best to survive. This is a Polish war film, the film shows the Warren massacre during World War II through a woman’s painful experience. The director presented a scene of shocking, cruel and bloody scenes. The slaughter and cleansing of the world’s purgatory, the ending is thought-provoking, is a real horror film.

A Street Cat Named Bob

This is a British warmth comedy about cats. Adapted from real events, starred by stray cats itself. The breakdown of the family caused James to suffer a huge blow and began to give up on himself. He became addicted to drugs and became penniless and became a street performer. Val is responsible for James’s drug rehabilitation doctor. With her help, James finally has a home that can shelter the wind and rain. Val believes that James can completely get rid of the temptation of drugs with his own will. One day, a stray cat broke into James’ home, and James adopted it and named it Bob. When James left home and went to the streets to be a busker, Bob stayed with him. Soon, this combination of people and cats attracted the attention of passers-by, and James’s economic situation has been greatly improved. At the same time, James got acquainted with the woman Bella who lived next door. On Bella’s body, James rekindles the desire for love.

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