Recommendation Of Movie About Magic

The Illusionist

The son of the carpenter, Edward, contacted the magic from a young age and fell in love with Sophie, but their love was forced to end because of their identity disparity. After fifteen years, Edward became a famous magician and renamed Essenhan. He was performing in a performance met Sophie again and found that each other have never forgotten the feelings of many years ago.

Sophie is about to get engaged with the Crown Prince, but she doesn’t want to be a political victim. She wants to live with Essenhan for life. But the Crown Prince did not agree and murdered her. Since then Essenhan has become more and more mysterious, his magic has become secretive, often performing some magic such as summoning the soul, and even summoned Sophie’s soul. The public began to suspect that the Crown Prince had murdered her.

In order to cover up the facts, the Crown Prince ordered the inspector to arrest Essenhan. However, Essenhan disappeared on the spot. The inspector also began to suspect that the Crown Prince had murdered Sophie and began to earn evidence. He finally found enough evidence and reported his findings to the King and reported the conspiracy of the Crown Prince. In the arrest of the Crown Prince, the Crown Prince committed suicide. The case seems to be over, but another possibility may appear in the mind of the inspector: the original master behind the scenes is Essenhan, all of which is his show. The real purpose of the performance is to always be with Sophie together forever.

The Prestige

At the London of the turn of the century, in the Victorian era when the magic was popular, two very talented young magicians appeared. The rarest thing is that they grew up together as friends: Robert Angel is a character complex and experienced person, is a natural performer. Alfred is exactly the opposite of him. This talented and very creative magic genius is a bit incompatible with because of slovenly and naive personality. The two men gradually established their prestige in one performance after another, leaving other magicians behind them, and eventually became the competition of the past best friends.

Because of their mutual suspicion, the two became are the irreconcilable opponent. The situation gradually became uncontrolled. The loyalty and faith of both people were tested to the maximum extent until a murder was triggered. This century war ended in tragedy.

Now You See Me

In the night of Las Vegas, the luxury performance hall is undergoing an unprecedented magic show by Daniel Atlas, Henry Reeves, Jack Wilder and Merritt McKinney. The “four knights” composed of four magicians work together seamlessly and smoothly. In the eyes of the public, they stole the 3.5 million euro banknote from a French bank vault, which caused a sensation on the spot and around the world. FBI agent Rohde and Interpol Elma were ordered to investigate four people, but nothing was obtained. In desperation, they can only turn to for help the famous revealing magician Bradley.

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