Alice’s Past And Present

“Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass” was directed by James Bobin, starring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and other big names. The story focuses on Alice, after a few years, in order to save her friends who in fairyland, she returned to that world of bizarre through a mirror. The villains faced by Alice in addition to the evil red-heart queen also have the ultimate enemies in the legend that absolutely no one can overcome: time. The villains faced by Alice in addition to the evil Queen of Hearts also have the ultimate enemies in the legend that absolutely no one can overcome: time. It is hard to imagine that such a simple fairy tale has an enduring charm. It seems that the magic of the dreamland has made this super IP popular.

You know what? In fact, the author does not know what is under the hole of the rabbit.

The birth of “Alice in Wonderland” novels actually has a lot of improvisational ingredients. In the summer of 1862, Lewis Carroll, a professor of mathema Taking three little girls to the lake and rowing. In order to pass the time, he spoke a story for the little girl. The story was completely made by him on the spot. So when he talked about that classic Alice chasing a clock rabbit and jumping into a rabbit hole, even he didn’t even know what was going on under the hole. At that moment, a legend of more than 150 years was born.

The influence of “Alice in Wonderland” on Western culture is far-reaching. The well-known game released by EA, “Alice: The Return of Madness,” is a thriller deconstruction of this theme. Alice still wears a classic blue ocean skirt, but she has a bloody knife in her hand. In the game, Alice‚Äôs family was buried in flames more than a decade ago, leaving only her alone. Crazy she shuttled between the real world and the “Wonderland” she dreamed of. She had battles with monsters of all kinds in her dreams with her sharp blade and discovered the truth of cruel reality to save Wonderland and herself. In addition to Alice himself, the classic image of the fairy tale: Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter House, March Rabbit… all appeared in this game in a dark, thrilling Gothic style. As for the poker soldiers of the Red Heart Queen in the original book, It is very terror, like walking dead.

Now “Alice in Wonderland” is no longer the same story that the mathematician casually told the three small audiences in the lake boat. The little girl who ran up and down in a blue dress, a rabbit with a pocket watch, and shouting “chopping Head! chopping Head!” of Red Heart Queen, It has been spreading all over the world with numerous foreign translation versions.

Japan’s best-selling caricature group clamp has published a work titled “Miyuki In Wonderland”. Alice, the little girl in a blue dress, became a Japanese female high school student wearing a sailor suit.

Due to its dreamlike fairy tale theme, Alice has always been Lolita culture forever icon. Each Lolita brand will introduce Alice-themed new products almost every season. On the more popular occasion, goods containing Alice elements can be seen everywhere, from jewelry to cosmetics, to mobile phone shells, mobile phone chains, dream girls, cats, and rabbits. They have never been away.

Every child will be dreaming. The child’s dream is also the most imaginative. But when we grow up, we almost have to study the practical meaning behind everything. Our seemingly free choice has long been affected by various influences. When we jumped into the rabbit hole with Alice, actually, The following is not really a wonderland. It is just a childhood time of we want to go back but cannot go back.

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