Reasoning Animation Recommend

“All Become F”

This works mainly focuses on a boy of a member of the Saigawa Research Office and boy’s teacher’s daughter. Although the girl is not a member of the Saigawa research room, however, she participated in the research trip of the research room. The location is set on an island. Later, on the proposal of the girl, the boy and girl visited the Magenta Research Room located on the island. However, they found a dead body in the secret chamber there. Using this as an opportunity, a series of killings occurred successively, and the two involved were involved in solving the mystery of serial homicides.

“The Carcass Was Buried At The Feet Of Miss Sakurako”

“The truth is like a bone. Although hidden under the skin, fat, and flesh, it silently supports everything. Things must be related, just as creatures must have flesh.” In Asahikawa, Hokkaido, as a boy of ordinary high school students, he happened to meet the beautiful lady Sakurako living in a nearby residence. But she has an incomprehensible hobby, she was actually a person who loves bone more than eating. In addition to a specimen person, she is also responsible for unraveling the killings and serving as a coroner. As long as there is “death,” she will run where is.

“Ghost Hunt”

The protagonist is a girl with the ability to predict and sense. In the cursed case of the old school’s old school building, she assisted the director of the SPR Shibuya Spirituality Investigation Office, Naru. And after the case was over, she stayed and as an assistant. The most special aspect of SPR is not only to use superpower to solve things and also to explore from the perspective of science too. Those competitors who were initially at work resolved their previous conflicts during the subsequent joint resolution of the incident.

“Psychic Detective Yakumo”

In order to help a friend who is “has been possessed by the devil,” the girl in the second grade of university knocked on the door of the film research society. Waiting for her is has spiritually capable Yakumo. Yakumo is a youth look be inactive, has a messy hair, and seems to have closed his heart. But his left eye is very obvious, it is the red pupil color. When the girl started, she was just dubious. By accidentally discovering Yakumo’s fraudulent gambling behavior, coupled with he asked her for remuneration, she believes that he is a liar. But when Yakumo conveyed to the girl the information of the twin sister who died when the girl was young, she completely believed Yakumo’s power. After that, two people were active in the school and opened up the truth about the various terrorist incidents that took place around them. But that’s just a prologue…

“Ice Cream”

High school student Oreki Houtarou who uses energy conservation as a motto. For a small reason, he joined the “Classical Literature Department” on the verge of abolition was added. The members of the Department of Classical Literature, including the curious baby he knew in the community, that is, the heroine Chitanda Eru, and the two classmates he met from junior high school. This is a four-person youth school reasoning drama that is based on Kamiyama High School as a background and starts reasoning about a pile of events. “I’m curious!” The quiet gray senior high school life of the leading men changed because of this sentence of the heroine!

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