Classic Animation Movies Recommend


The story begins around a young Peruvian bear. This bear, who likes lemon curd sauce, arrived in London from dark Peru and It lost its way at Paddington Station in London. It stays outside the Lost and Found Office and sits on a squashed suitcase. A sign hangs on the coat: “Please take care of this bear. Thank you.” So he met a human family and lived with them from morning till evening. Because no one can understand the bear’s Peruvian name, so the good human family named the bear as Paddington according to the name of the station. Everyone it sees loves it. However, except for Millicent, she was a vicious museum chief who just want to put this cute little thing as the specimen into her museum.

“Despicable Me”

Gru, who has always boasted of being the most feared super bastard in the world, He always felt that no one could stop his advancing footsteps of evil, but when he has met three little girls, he soon realized that he was about to face the toughest challenge ever. In a seemingly happy and peaceful outskirts community, there is an all-black house. What the surrounding neighbors do not know is that underneath this house there is a very hidden and huge hiding place. There was even a sinister dwarf army stationed inside. And their boss Gru is planning the craziest robbery throughout human history: Yes, he intends to steal the moon. No matter what kind of environment, Gru seems to be only interested in doing some unethical bad things. He is the more depraved and happier…

“Big Hero 6”

In a fictional metropolis that blends Eastern and Western cultures, A Hong, a child prodigy proficient in robotics, finds that this high-tech city is facing a criminal crisis. In order to expose the conspiracy and save the homeland, he will bring his partner robot Da Bai and a gang of rookie teams to form a “super-capable Marines” alliance to fight against evil.

“Monsters University”

Mike, after visiting monster power company, decided to enter Monster University to learn scaring skills and will become a frighten specialist in the future. Later he completed his wish to be admitted to Monster University. One a night after that school starts, a huge monster named Sullivan broke into Mike’s dormitory. Later, they became rival. In order to prove that he was capable of being an outstanding frightened commissioner and that the original dean’s decision to fire him was wrong, he joined a community of second-rate monsters and Join a frighten contest with the teammates. However, there are too few people in this second-rate monster league. They also need an entrant to reach the minimum number of applicants. For this reason, Mike had to choose his own rival, Sullivan. At the registration site of the contest, he assured the dean that if he loses, he will leave Monster University. At the same time, the dean promised him that if he wins, he and his teammates can return to the Frighten Academy. In the course of the game, Sullivan and Mike gradually solved their knots and became good friends.

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