The Classical Costume Of The Victorian- 2

Today I’ll introduce to everybody to The New Rococo Period.

“Rococo” is evolved from French “rocaille”, originally referring to a kind of interior decoration made of mixed shells and small pebbles.

The Rococo Period mainly refers to the period from 1715 to 1789. Rococo Art breaks the symmetry mode principle in composition since the Renaissance. The overall style of Rococo emphasizes the beauty of luxury and curves.

The rapid development of the textile industry after the industrial revolution has resulted in more choices for apparel fabrics, the design is also more diverse. Decorative arts such as lace、flowers、bow、ribbon、ruffles etc. are widely used in women clothing and men wear design.

Compared with the Romantic Period, the silhouette and style are grander. The fabric is more luxurious. Zhijin cotton, jacquard satin, Moire, and taffeta are used.

The collar developed into the V collar with lace decorate and a quadrilateral square collar.

The women outdoors jackets have tight style short jackets that can match skirts, and a long coat called “tunic”. This is the first time in women dresses to appear the buttons.

The most distinctive accessories are hats and exquisite small fan. The hats have many excellent designs, often decorated with jewelry and big feathers. The exquisite headdress is a notable feature of the New Rococo Period.

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