Lolita Fantasy World- Steampunk

The Steampunk element is widely used now, and Lolita naturally appears many very nice Steampunk dresses. This kind of element that is very imaginative in itself, and this style of clothing with a lot of unrestrained designs, what kind of spark they will be collided with?

Everyone must be very familiar with the word Victoria, After all, this is the peak period of the industrial revolution. At that time, the development of British science and technology and literature and art was very prosperous and had a profound impression on this world. For the Victorian period, steam also represented their yearning for the prosperity of science and technology.

This is an interesting element that is historically representative of the future and now it is retro. It brings rich material to designers. Lolita is extremely inclusive, Steampunk is also developed into an imaginative style, Various Steampunk style costumes have been developed in Lolita.

Victorian Industrial Wind

Victorian women clothing will use a large number of women fabrics to subtly show off the feminine beauty. But Lolita does not just have the puff skirt, Tall girls like the combination of long skirts and Steampunk elements, gorgeous and elegant, and has a queen to conquer all the temperament!

Different from the conservative long skirts, irregular skirts can reveal the women sense of neatness in the industrial age. The slit side of the skirt design makes it convenient activity and also sexy. Collocation with the corset can a full feminine.

Piece Together Aesthetics

Steampunk style born from Victorian style, in the status of Lolita can be said to be unique. Steampunk elements represented by gears, numerous gears of different sizes are put together. Filled with the flavor of a gorgeous and industrial era, This is the common patchwork method of the Steampunk.

Prince Style Lolita

Prince style Lolita, relative to the small skirt, it is in the men wear position. However, in modern times, many cool young ladies also wear pants.

Prince style Lolita is not only having shorts but also can choose trousers. After all, in Lolita, pants are more representative of the handsome beauty of neutrality. Loose do old trousers match the corset and vest, clean and neat, but also very industrial age. The combination of leather pants and a tight shirt will let people have a feeling of an aristocratic lady going to a hunting game.

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