Pastoral Style Lolita- 2

French pastoral style represented by The Provence in southern France, let people indulge in the southern France beautiful scenery, the blue Mediterranean, lilac lavender and golden sunflower.

“Beauty and the Beast”:

When it comes to the French pastoral style, we have to mention the live version of “Beauty and the Beast” released last year. The heroine Belle in the story itself is an ordinary girl in the French town.

Belle’s clothing is also very characteristic of French pastoral style. Compared with English style, French style is brighter in color choices, and the color is more prominent.

Many people think that this scene is to pay tribute to “The Sound of Music.” But this scene is actually to pay tribute to the original animation.

Emma puts on a big skirt and seemed to be a princess coming out of the Disney animation.

“Sound Of Music”:

Have to recommend this movie, not only the music in the play is good, The costumes in the play also very close to the style of dress at the time.

In the poster, Maria wears is the most common pastoral style of clothing in that time. Dark dress match the striped apron is also a classic match.

The seven children of Trapp family were a symbol of the noble pastoral style in that time. There was no complicated lace on the body’s costumes. At that time, the cut was very delicate, and the middle waist design can also highlight the body.

Pastoral style pursues simplicity and elegance. In the movie, the seven children’s clothes are made by Maria secretly used the curtain fabric in his home. And the clothes of the seven children are also different, very much in line with their own age temperament.

The film was shot in Mount Salzburg Schaf, Austria, very close to the sunny style of the French pastoral.


“Heidi” is about the orphan daughter Heidi and grandfather. In the meantime, she also is acquainted with the story of the goat man Pete and Miss Crawford. The film was shot in the Alps, and the beautiful scenery of the Alps is also a good backdrop for the pastoral style of the play.

Although Heidi is a girl, she usually wears trousers in the play. A simple white shirt match a vest and cropped trousers were also the main dress for men at the time.

The costumes worn by Klara are quite different from Heidi’s. And also very close to those of Miss Klara’s rich family. Klara often appears to wear this white dress in the film, however, the design of the dress is simple and uses only cotton lace as a decoration, and it fits perfectly with the style of the entire film.

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