How To Look At Wearing Lolita On The Street?

In the eyes of these outsiders, Lolita seems to be the “odd dress” outfit. The Lolita style still cannot be accepted by many people.

In general, ordinary people can only accept Lolita in the Anime Exhibition. If someone really wears a whole set of Lolita walking on the street, will suffer many people’s weird gaze. Why does this happen? Next, we will briefly analyze it from two levels.

First, analysis of the purpose:

The clothes we wear are mainly focused on functional convenience. In simple terms, Wear clothes must be practical, comfortable and simple is the most important. This is the reason why the minimalism has prevailed in recent years. Many people go to the streets are very simple, just a cowboy, T-shirt, a sportswear just fine.

But the purpose of Lolita costumes is not mainly in terms of function, but to satisfy the aesthetic needs of the ritual sense. So a set of Lolita dress design. To every little detail from hats, hairstyles, makeup, stockings etc. is very refined. The overall collocation is all showing a gorgeous style. Now we will feel that it is too gorgeous and it is the exaggerated clothing.

Second, from the scene to the analysis:

Lolita costume is famous for its gorgeous, It does not apply to our daily go to school, work and etc. scenes. Because it looks “informal”. Eye-catching but unable to meet the dignified sense of important occasions. Therefore, such costumes cannot be used in formal occasions.

However, this type of clothing has a strong aesthetic effect, in ordinary informal occasions, such as dating, travel, anime exhibition and other places can play an eye-catching effect. After all, you are dressed up to be beautiful that can enhance your sense of confidence. and release a more powerful charm!

In fact, same as the small fresh styles, artistic style, and Korean style the Lolita style is just one of the clothing styles. It’s only that the scope of its acceptance and popularity is still relatively small, and the style is not too easy to be accepted. Many people still feel alienated and resistant after seeing it, so they will not take Lolita as one of the clothing styles.

But just like some styles of dress, the trend of fashion and aesthetics is changing with time. Will maybe lead to the Lolita style popular. Lolita will be able to appear on the street anytime, anywhere, just like the ordinary Mori girl style and fresh literary style.

People who dare to wear Lolita costumes out in the street are actually a group of people who boldly show themselves. They will disregard other people’s eyes, pursue what they think is beautiful, and confidently show their own aesthetic. And the development of this Lolita style requires great courage itself. Furthermore, perhaps wearing this Lolita style for the first time will have a different feeling than others people. But when they persist, they will put aside the idea that “Lolita is a strange costume”, slowly contact and accommodate this style, and slowly bring this style into life, slowly promoting this Lolita style to make an effort.

So, if someone on the street is dressed in Lolita style, don’t belittle them. Don’t treat them with a strange look. Everyone has the right to pursue beauty~

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