Understand The Child’s Heart

“Those who see the world with a unique vision have finally changed the world. Every child is unique, and one day they will go out of themselves way.”

Like Stars On Earth:

This film is probably known to many people. There are many things that, in the eyes of adults, all the children’s mistakes, but the words “the children’s mistakes are all adult mistakes” are too appropriate for this movie. When we think that children are deliberately naughty, because they are lazy and will learn badly, they always have to make adults angry. In fact, children need help, but adults can’t see them. If you don’t understand the reasons behind this happening, you insist that you should teach your child to change the child’s wishes and force the child to change. Maybe will harm the child.

Everyone has a little star in his heart. Some of them are shining, some are hidden in the depths. Everyone is unique. For example, the little protagonist in the movie needs the help and help of an adult. Adults can also help themselves in the same way. The child believes that he is unique, and the precious little star in his heart will shine.

“Look at the road you passed, the children lost their way, reached out to them, and stepped forward to the days to come. The direction in the dark, the light of hope.”

Les Choristes:

Even if the film has been watched countless times and I look back at the movie, I will still be moved to cry and laugh. When the children’s clear sounds of nature are floating, every time, the pores of the whole body will stand up and will greet a soul bath from head to toe. The teacher has a gentle understanding of the child’s heart. From the film, you can see how he helped the child. When the child has a bad behavior, he will be angry, but he will let the child see the consequences of what he is doing and be responsible for the consequences. This is the equal treatment of children. Think of the child as the same person as yourself, let’s talk about education again. While helping children correct their behavior, they must have something that can lead the child’s spirit, let the child get nourishment and energy, and let them find that they have the ability to do it. such as Artistic ways like chorus, music, and painting. As the children gained the nutrition of the soul, slowly the children’s group atmosphere began to change, and the original bad fight became a happy play.

“It doesn’t matter to me where to go, why it is important to go to that place.”

A Perfect World:

For a little boy, which situation will be worse?

Is: never had any holidays, including birthdays, Christmas, Halloween; never eaten cotton candy; never been to a playground; never seen a father…

Is: Dad is in jail; he killed with a gun the fugitive who harmed his mother; at the age of 12, he stole a car and went to play, and was sent to the probation office for four years; from then on, he became a real criminal…

The film makes a foreshadowing with a comedy, slowly uncovering the story of two boys. From the details of Butch and Philip, you can see that he respects the child’s nature and cherishes the child’s most innocent wishes. He is like a father who loves children, making up for the lack of Philip father’s love, and his death brings Philip deep sadness and nostalgia.

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