The Elegance Of Regency Dress

There is such one kind of small dress, the hem is not big, simple pattern, but it has a noble temperament, long dresses match the high waistline, It can highlight the natural and soft body of a woman most. Today we will introduce the high waist regency dress from the same period as Bonnet.

The Regency style was the popular women style of the French Empire during the period of Napoleon’s rule. It was mainly popular around 1790-1820. The classical characteristics of the Regency style have two points: high waist, long dresses. This elegant high-waist design is called Empire Cut, and this high waist dress is commonly referred to as the Regency Dress.

The regency dress is basically high waist and does not stress the slim waist. The waistline of the dress is usually at the lower chest and there are not very slim. The hem is small and there are few folds. The feminine dress of the Regency Era was simple in decoration, there was no stacked lace, basically only the small embroidered pattern, in 1790-1810, even popular with the pure color and completely no decorate the dresses. The long sleeves are most wear when in indoor homes, while short sleeves are worn with gloves, shawls and other accessories when going out.

In the late period, although the empire cut was still left over, on the hem multilayer ruffles decorate was gradually popular. The shoulder part of the sleeve is also developed to the Puff Sleeves.

Gradually disappearing of the Empire Cut after 1820, romanticism re-enters the stage. Bustle, corsets, and big dress hem return to women lives. The waistline also gradually dropped to the natural waist, the dresses began to re-emphasize the slender waist, plump hips, sleeves also began to become very large. The skirt during the period of the empires was almost the smallest in European history. The whole dress was basically a straight-line one, without the bustle. This is extremely rare in European history.

According to legend, the empire style began with the dress of Napoleon’s Queen Josephine. During the reign of Napoleon I, high waist dresses and hem flowing Josephine style dresses were very popular, and the high waistline was the most important feature. In addition to the high waistline, the collar, short sleeves, and The dress length of the arrive the floor, light and soft materials and elegant colors are typical features of the Empire style clothing.

The most famous is the “The Coronation Of Napoleon I And Empress” now collection in the Louvre. The dress worn by Queen Josephine is a typical Empire Style.

In the film and television works, it can clearly reflect the temporal spirit of the empire style. The story of many classic occurred in this era, so the empire style is once put on the screen, leaving an indelible impression. 1995 BBC version of “Pride and Prejudice,” the style of dress is closer to the empire style of 1790-1810.

The time that the author Jane Austen lived is also the era of the British popular empire style. The clothes in her works also reflect the fashion trends of British society.

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