Human Nature Animation Movies Recommendation

In the Two dimensions, numerous anime movies are emerging one after another. Some excellent human animation movies are even more eye-catching. So I recommend several excellent human nature animation movies today, I hope everyone can keep watching.

Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade

“Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade” plays an important role in Japanese animation because it is not only human nature but also full of darkness and cruelty. This animation was rated by fans as the representative of dark animation. This animation can be seen everywhere in the desperation of the characters, the indifference of human nature, so you can see the girl committed suicide with the bomb, the film is very cruel. A very profound anime. The film won the 2000 Best Cinema Picture of the Day, the Best Cartoon Award and the Jury Prize of the 1999 International Fantasy Film Festival in Portugal.


This is also an anime that has been discussed a lot, because it is famous, after all, the comic author is Tezuka Osamu, and the screenwriter is Katsuhiro Otomo. This anime tells about people and robots. Of course, it tells about the coexistence of people and robots. Some people like to use robots as slaves, some people hate robots, and some people want to be friends with robots, no matter which one, it is worth thinking about.

Tokyo Godfathers:

Humanity is not all dark also has gentle and kind. “Tokyo Godfathers” is given a very pure and gentle feeling. After all, the three of them went on and on in order to find a parent for a child. After that, they not only found the parents of the children but also found their own goals in life. It looks like a philosophy of life, but it is so warm.


A special era created a special monster, that is Ashura. Because of the environment of natural disasters and man-made disasters, Ashura became a horror that everyone fears in order to survive. When he meets a mage, he has a name. As a beast-like Ashura met a girl, But in this special era of human nature loss, Ashura’s fate is destined to be tragic, as the encounter with a girl. Anime is full of desolate and tragic, this anime is more desperate than the end of the world.

Tombstone for Fireflies:

This anime was rated as the most let people feel heavy anime movie. This movie is very depressing. Because of war, human nature has become indifferent, teenagers and sisters cannot get any care, they can only choose to hide in the cave, they struggle to survive in the war, but unfortunately the fate is unfair, the teenager can only look at his sister Leaving, then the teenager can only follow in the footsteps of his sister. This is a very cruel anime movie, and the audience will feel unfair for the tragic fate of the brothers and sisters.

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