Movie Recommendation 3

Rain Man

Charlie father died, leaving a legacy of $3 million. However, what surprised him was that the estate was given to a brother Raymond who he did not know. Raymond’s name, Charlie had never heard of it, and this incident made him angry. He decided to go looking for his brother. Who knows that Raymond’s residence is in a mental hospital. He used to have autism since he was a child. After his mother died, he was sent to a mental hospital for treatment. Charlie had a plan in mind, and he took Raymond out of the mental hospital in an attempt to trick him into giving up the legacy. Raymond’s life habits are strange, living in his own fantasy world, there are many bizarre behaviors. Moreover, Charlie found Raymond’s amazing memory ability when he got along. He tried to use his brother’s memory ability to try his hand at the casino and won a large sum of the money, which made Charlie enough to get rid of poverty. Charlie also harvested a slowly warming family, which is far better than the $3 million he wanted.

Good Will Hunting

Rambo, a mathematics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, published a difficult math problem, but it was solved by the young cleaner, Weal. However, Weal is a problem teenager. Every day, and good friend Chuck and others wander around, fighting and making troubles. When Rambo found this genius, he was just sent to the detention center because of the fight. Rambo pleaded with the judge for bail, freeing him from jail. In order to let Weal find her life goals, Rambo did not waste his mathematical talents. Many psychologists were asked to give guidance to Weal, but Weal was very resistant and the experts were helpless. There is really no way, Rambo had to turn to the university friend psychology professor Shann for help, I hope to help Weal open the heart. After the unremitting efforts of Rambo and Shann, Weal gradually opened her heart, and a friend of Chuck’s words made him figure it out.

Catch Me If You Can

Frank is the youngest wanted criminal in the history of the FBI. His criminal means are superb, and his ability to disguise his identity is beyond ordinary people. His criminal footprint is almost everywhere in the United States. Disguised doctors, lawyers, pilots, all are his former identity. Of course, Frank has defrauded millions of dollars with this “skill”. Frank, who lived freely and happily, succeeded counterfeit a certificate of education this time and went to the hospital to be a doctor. Frank not only met the nurse Breda here, but the two fell in love, and also got a good errand of the prosecutor’s assistant through Breda’s father. However, this is just the eve of the storm: A pair of eyes has been fixed on Frank, vowed to bring him to justice. This is the FBI agent Carl. In the process of pursuing the pursuit of Frank, Carl learned about the extraordinary IQ of this criminal genius. He has been repeatedly tricked by Frank, and he hates and has to admire. Whenever Frank escapes from his elaborate layout, this cat-and-mouse game looks to become more interesting…

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